Something new

Today I am trying something completely new. I am writing this blog post entirely by dictating it into my phone.

I know this is not all that profound, but it does raise some interesting questions in my mind. For example, am I the same person, exactly, when I type and when I speak?

And if I am not precisely the same person, in the sense that there is some other part of my mind being represented, will there be an even more radical change in who that person is, in that future when people will express themselves through direct brain interfaces?

Anyway, something to think about, through thoughts which may be coming out of my mind, but which may never have come out of my fingertips.

4 Responses to “Something new”

  1. J. Peterson says:

    How much keyboard use was required to actually edit & post the entry? (“Siri…write my blog post for today…”)

  2. admin says:

    How do you know the entire post wasn’t written by an AI? :-)

  3. I am also curious to know how much post-processing was required – the punctuation, for example. And, did you go back and move things around or just let it flow? And if you let it flow, did you do more ‘pre-processing’ (plan what to say) than usual?

  4. admin says:

    Total stream of consciousness. One or two little word tweaks afterward, but other than that it’s pretty much as first dictated.

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