Group blog

Today at our weekly Future Reality Lab meeting I proposed that we all start a group blog. The idea is that we do a round-robin style of post.

On any given day, one person is responsible for putting up a single post, which can be on any topic related to what we’re doing at the lab. Then the next day another person posts, and so on, in a fixed cyclical order.

This arrangement gives everyone an equal opportunity to contribute. Since there are about a dozen people in our group, everybody will post about once every two weeks.

If they wish, people can choose to spend a lot of time on a post, perhaps preparing materials or demo videos days earlier. Or they can just wing it, and jot down their impression of things on that particular day.

The goal is to get a steady rhythm going of telling the world what we’re up to, without requiring any one person in our lab to do too much of the work. Also, of course, the hope is to get a nice diversity of viewpoints.

It was easy to convince our lab’s denizens that this would not be too much work. After all, they know someone who has been blogging every single day for more than ten years, all by himself. :-)

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