Go ogling

This weekend I bought the Oculus Go. So did a number of my friends and colleagues.

In one sense it’s not really new. After all, I first started using their GearVR in September 2015, and in theory this is the same sort of experience: A portable 360o VR device with high quality direction tracking.

But you know what they say about theory and practice: They are the same in theory, but different in practice.

The major difference is that the Oculus Go is designed from the ground up to be a VR device, rather than an add-on to your phone. Out of the box it just works — no need to stick a phone in it.

The visual design of the device is great, the quality and resolution of the VR image is spectacular, and the user interface is extremely well thought out. Even the hand-held controller is awesome. And for around $200 total this thing is very inexpensive for what it delivers.

Although I thought it needed a little character, so I stuck on some Googly Eyes. For good measure I also added a nose:

I feel my Oculus Go now expresses much more inherent personality. Although from certain angles it seems to look a little sad.

Maybe it’s just confused. After all, should something sold by Facebook really be wearing something called Googly Eyes?


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