One of those crazy days

Today was one of those crazy days.

I mean, I knew going in that today was going to be crazy, but I had woefully underestimated the level of craziness. It all felt a bit like some alternate version of This is Spinal Tap where Nigel says “This day goes to eleven.”

In addition to everyone in our project running around madly to get our big CAVE project ready for SIGGRAPH (starting in just four days!), there was an extremely large film crew from Oculus making a documentary about us.

They were really nice people, but they were a film crew.
Interestingly, they had been told not to show anything with logos on it. Imagine trying to film a whole crew of computer science students at work without showing a single tee shirt with a logo. It isn’t easy.

I came in at seven in the morning to get all my programming done for the day. I knew that by 9am I would be spending all my time putting out fires, continually switching roles depending on who I was talking to.

Sure enough, most of today felt like a cross between the stateroom scene from A Night at the Opera and the birthday cake scene from Bugsy. I guess when you think about it, there are worse ways to spend your day than feeling like a cross between Groucho Marx and Warren Beatty.

With maybe just a dash of Nigel Tufnel thrown into the mix.

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