South of the border

Since I will be traveling to Canada tomorrow, my mind is turning to the mystery of borders. How is it that we can take a single step, and end up in an entirely different country?

When we take such a step, our body may move only a matter of inches, yet the human laws governing our body radically change, sometimes in unexpected ways. What a tortured definition of “reality” we humans must have, for such a thing to make any sense to us at all.

I think of this when I ponder the concept of my tax dollars going to build a border wall between our country and another. What if I don’t want such a wall? Should I still be required to help pay for it?

Unfortunately it seems to be official U.S. policy that the nation south of such a wall is financially responsible for its construction. So when that border wall is finished, how much will our nation be required to pay?

I guess Justin Trudeau will tell us when he is good and ready.

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