My number one rule for research

Today at my annual medical checkup, I told my doctor that my number one rule for what research areas to work on is very simple: I only work on things that my six year old self would have thought were cool.

He responded wistfully that he wished he could follow that rule in his own work. Then he paused and thought for a moment, and said “Come to think of it, when I was six I wanted to be a doctor.”

In my post today for our Future Reality Lab daily blog, I described how I recently discovered a new research window. Reading over that post, I see that I am indeed following my own rule.

But don’t take my word for it, judge for yourself.

2 thoughts on “My number one rule for research”

  1. Royally cool! I had not known about that.

    Actually #54 is nearly identical the procedural pattern I generated while testing out my green screen fragment shader algorithm: sin(50.*x)*sin(30.*y)<0?red:white

    I used that particular pattern because it reminded me of my mom's kitchen tablecloth when I was a little kid.

    Which goes to my original point. 🙂

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