Antigravity 101

Today I have at last perfected the principles required to move the antigravity device from dream to reality. There may well be side-effects, assuming that my understanding of the flux equations is correct, and so I deem it advisable to proceed with caution.

The diagram does not adequately convey the core principle at work. I include it here for historical reasons, as the first sketch – drawn in a fever of creative inspiration – for what in my mind has come to be known as the “q principle”:

As you can see, a fairly large value of q is required to produce an appreciable lifting energy – the power laws work against us here. The breakthrough occurred during a long night of experimentation, when I realized I could reduce the time factor (T) simply by pulsing the coils in the proper sequence – so that the field induced by each coil would remain isolated from its brethren, thereby amplifying the effective flux. As the instantaneous value of T diminishes to zero, the lifting factor rises quite dramatically. As does any object caught within the field.

Science can indeed be a cruel mistress, but in this case my hopes for success are high. Experimental results will be forthcoming in the days and weeks to follow.


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  1. Pseudonymous Coward says:

    I ain’t gonna fall for this on April’s Fool’s day, nonetheless!

  2. admin says:

    Oh ye of little faith… :-)

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